Monday, August 31, 2009


So Sunday I dragged myself out to go swimming I went alone but was at De Anza Cove there's 3 lifeguards on duty so it was safe. I only swam 1/2 mile it was hot and it's really boring swimming alone.

Tonight I swam about 1/2 mile at Glorietta Bay I forgot my wetsuit so when they annouced the swim I was thinkning we'll see how far I get. I bike about 6 miles as well tonight it was a good brick. Tomorrow's plans include the track workout tomorrow night, but I might go swimming too.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday Bike Ride

So today I went out with Ofelia & Lori for what was scheduled to be a 25 mile bike ride around south bay. We started at eastlake High and went down eastlake parkway to birch. We then rode down the 125. You can go north and south on your bike on the 125 between birch and the 905. The downhills were fast I got up to 40.8 mph but the hills were long and hard of course the early morning heat only made it harder. We got down to the 905 turned around and went back north. We winded our way through eastlake but the heat was getting to unbearble so we turned back and just about 18 miles. It was a good hard ride and I forgot how hilly that area is. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a swim in somewhere we'll see.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh the heat this week has been crazy Tuesday became my rest day since it was just too hot!
Wednesday I hit the beach with my sister for 4 hours of swiming in and out of the waves the water was cold and felt soo good.

Thursday tonight was the weekly Thursday Beginner swim, it's been the same group all season and every week we get new people to our group. Tonight I was aiming for a mile but was satitfied with my 3/4. Doing nothing all day in heat was just too draining and I was ok with that. My plan if to do some yoga and cardio at home tomorrow, and then I have bowling. Saturday i've got a 25 mile bike ride lined up early in the morning and Sunday will be swimming and maybe a bike.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Swim

So I stayed in the whole day did nothing but relax until tonight's swim. I joined the pulse group 2 weeks ago at Glorietta and it's a good group so I went back there this week so get my swim in. It's so much closer than La Jolla and after the long ride yesterday I wasn't sure how i'd feel. So the memo I didn't get was there was a brick option for tonight, but since I biked yesterday I didn't need another ride so I opted for a longer swim. We went out to the white bouy which turned out to be 1/2 mile round trip the SEALS were out there training and had orange bouys attached to them I learned that when I accidently swam on one oops! The swim tonight felt good and I'm glad that I feel as good as I do after the ride yesterday. Tomorrow's plan is the track workout down in Chula.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was a rest day figured I needed one this week.

Sunday so today was the big ride the longest hardest ride I've done yet. So Lori and Darrin planned a 35-40 mile bike ride and then a BBQ afterwards. We headed out from carmel valley down black mt rd down into Rancho Santa Fe and up to Olivenhiem over to Enicintas, down towards Cardiff and the over to the Coast we went over via Manchester and took the 101 up to Leucadia for some gelatto. We headed back down thw coast taking the side streets and made our way to Carmel Valley Rd and took that until we got on the 56 bike path. We took the path back to Black Mountain Rd and then back along side streets to Lori's house. It was hard for me as prior to this the longest ride I did was about 25 miles. It was very hilly and I haven't had too much hill practice Darren was nice and hung back every now and then making sure I was still behind the group. It was a hard ride but it was fun in a way. Nowing I can do further distances is comforting it's just going to be speeding those distances up in the coming months and adding more hills in to my bike workouts. Next weekend I'm biking with Ofeila and we'll see how long we go and hopefully it'll give me more building blocks for my long tern goals.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Wednesday My Knee was a bit sore so I skipped the am swim and just biked Wed at Fiesta island I did about 12 miles, the winds were high and were throwing off my gps tracking.

Thursday, with my knee still sore I skipped the am bike and just took it easy with some light swimming and snorkling at La Jolla Shores.

Friday todays workout out before the rain started was a 1 mile swim at La Jolla Cove. There were some high rollers it made it easier to get out but made it some work to get back in. Tomorrow is up in te air as I have morning plans I might make it my rest day as rain is expected, more than today I think and we are also doing 35-40 miles on Sunday my longest ride so far...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday's swim and Tuesday's Track Workout

So Monday was supossed to be a rest day but I went for just over a 1/2 mile ocean swim at La Jolla Shores. The water was very choppy and make it a hard swim. Coming in was a bit hard and it seemed like I was not not making much progress. Finally I was able to catch some bigger swells and sure enough I could see that sand on the floor again. However with sand comes sharks. Now what i'd like to know if why cant I see the cute tiny belongs in your 80's wall aquriam sharks. I always I mean always see the giant 5 footers swimming in a pack below me. Yes I know they can't eat me but my mind still jumps to oh shit its sharks. Maybe i just need to go snorkling for a few hours and get over the leopard sharks.

Tuesday so tonight I headed down to Chula Vista to check out the weekly track workout put on by Pulse Endurance. I haven't ran since grade school so I needed to start and needed help with technique. We did some warm ups that took me back to my high school track days, then the goal was do start with a mile and see how fast you could do it. I currently walk jog so I figured start slow and eventually I will improve. I walked/jogged the first 3 laps. I then decided to take off my shoes and do my last lap on the grass and was able to jog the entire 1/4 lap non stop. I did 2 more laps, a speed walk and then a jog/walk lap. Our cool down was more laps across the grass we worked out for about an hour and fifteen minutes. It was good one of the other ladies had her daughter there so her and I kept going back in forth running, cartwheels and such. She made a comment that she was faster then me after I out ran her one length. I told her she should be faster but 20 odd years ago when I was her age I was alot faster than I am now. I had fun and plan to add this in to my routine since I need to get my running in and since a lot of the other runners out there are doing mission bay in less than 2 months i've got nowhere else to go but up.